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Geezeo PFM

Mobile PFM

Increase PFM adoption and activity by giving your customers money management tools when they are on the go.

Here are just some of the mobile partners we integrate with:

  • Access Softek
  • Malauzai
  • MEA
  • Q2
  • Architect
  • Banno/goDough

PFM and Bill Pay Integration

Why set up bills twice? Bill Pay can auto-populate PFM Cash Flow, making your offerings even more seamlessly.

Current BillPay partners we integrate with:

  • iPay
  • WRG
  • Payveris

Online Banking PFM Tiles

Experience PFM within online banking. Increase adoption & engagement, add value on first glance.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 8.23.06 AM



The Geezeo API offers plenty of ways to integrate, be it an integration of PFM into another service, or another service into PFM.