You can’t enrich digital banking without Geezeo enriched data.

Geezeo has been providing account aggregation and bank data enrichment and analytics for more than a decade.
Bank data analytics are more valuable with Geezeo’s data enrichment services.

It all comes down to monetizing the banking experience and enriched data transforms your data into marketing opportunities.

Big data is a hot industry topic for a reason and the big data opportunity is only getting bigger. Everyone wants it, gathers it, but what do you do with it? Over the past twelve years, Geezeo has categorized and enriched millions of transactions to make data actionable. That’s what we do. We take those transactions and other points of data and turn it into useful information that will help you get to know your market risks and opportunities and create more engaging customer experiences.

See how our PFM platform’s enriched data allows for a better customer experience and helps FIs better monetize their online presence.

"When customers lack information on their money, they're not in a position to save, to spend or to invest."

-Mark Schwanhauser, Javlin