Want clean usable data, a better customer experience, and digital offers that actually work?

Geezeo's PFM platform enriches customer data to provide more engagement in your existing digital banking channel and beyond.
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The Geezeo Platform gives you powerful insights from your customers' transaction data, delivers targeted product offers and an engaging customer experience.

Leverage customer financial data to engage your customers and increase loyalty Data

Enrich transaction data. Good data delivers a better customer experience, and you gain insights into your customer base.

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Over 500 banks and credit unions have enhanced their digital banking platform with GeezeoExperience

Deliver a better customer experience. Geezeo's Responsive Tiles and Product API empower banks, credit unions, and partners to create the best customer experience.

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Use Geezeo's data enrichment and marketing platform to connect customers to additional products and servicesMarketing

Data drives intelligent offers to the right customer through Responsive Tiles anywhere in the digital experience.

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"Geezeo’s PFM platform is a great fit for Liberty’s customers: It’s easy to use and intuitive for new users, yet innovative and granular enough for savvier users that want more robust capabilities without being overwhelming."

-Patricia Jatkevicius, CMO, Liberty Bank