Geezeo offers a variety of solutions to enrich the banking experience.

From online and mobile banking to the call center and branch channel Geezeo offers a variety of solutions to enrich the banking experience.


Increase engagement by delivering a better user experience.

Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Your customers want to take control of their finances but they also want your help. If you don't they will find 3rd party services that will. Adding PFM to your digital banking experience will help you attract and retain your most important customers.


Keep your customers connected by alerting them to critical financial changes or behavior including increased spending, goal progress, bill reminders and more.

Account Aggregation

Offer your customers the ability to see all their financial accounts in one place. This includes held-away checking, savings, mortgages, investments, and loans. Aggregation creates a very sticky customer experience and provides you valuable insights into your customer's other financial relationships.

Seamless Integration

Whether you own your own tech and have developed your own online and mobile banking or work with a digital banking partner Geezeo has the flexibility to integrate.

Data Insights and Analytics

Start using your data to drive engagement and win more business.

Segment your customers

Geezeo analyzes millions of transactions to segment customers and offers the right experience and products to the right customers.

Customer Financial Behavioral Data

What if you could run a report with a list of your customer's financial goals? Geezeo Behavioral Data provides you with these valuable insights.

Identifying Risks

Geezeo Predictive Analytics can provide you with real insights that can prevent customer attrition.

Marketing and Ad Serving

Deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Targeted Ads

Geezeo Ad Tiles make it easy to deliver the right ads to your customers anywhere in the digital experience.

Track Your Success

Easily see how your ads are performing. See clicks, click through rates and overall ad performance.

Integrate with loan origination

Link the Geezeo Ad Platform to your loan origination platform and close the loop on your marketing efforts.

"One of the primary reasons we chose Geezeo was due to our similar values."

- Stephanie Shillingburg. EVP, Chief Banking Officer, F&M Bank