Responsive Tiles

Responsive Tiles
Create Unique and Seamless Online Experiences

Geezeo API

Differentiate like never before.

In our ever changing digital world, Geezeo understands your Financial Institution’s need to create a unique digital experience. By leveraging our proven API, we’ve developed Responsive Tiles to help our clients build seamless, customized digital banking experiences.

Geezeo’s Responsive Tile library enables financial institutions to invent and maintain customized financial management features within existing Online Banking and Mobile channels. Geezeo’s vision is to present the right tool at the right time and convert engagement into new products.

Our suite of Responsive Tiles includes:

  • Categorical Expense Tracker
  • Recent Cashflow Analyzer
  • Daily Spending Calculator
  • Spending Analysis Tool
  • Account Sync (Aggregation)
  • Networth Analyzer

Geezeo clients can take advantage of these off the shelf Responsive Tiles that can greatly accelerate development, or the building blocks are available for custom digital solutions.