Mobimartricity – Why You Should Always Be Mobile

May 8, 2014

Speaking to marketers at the Virginia Credit Union League marketing workshop in Richmond last week, our very own Jim Craig shared a lot of information and tactics related to mobile marketing. One of the first things he shared was a new term that served as the theme for his presentation – “Mobimartricity”. He presented the term totally in jest. What the made up term is meant to represent is real, however. Mobile-optimized, customer-centric engagement marketing was the focus of the talk, and is also what is missing from so many bank and credit union playbooks. It’s a well-known fact that consumers are not coming into the branch as much as they once did. Another fact is that the majority of emails are being opened on mobile devices. How do these two pieces of information fit together? Consumers are doing more and more away from their desktops and laptops and at all hours. They are being bombarded with messages, researching solutions, and even purchasing products and services with mobile devices. While to some marketers and technologists, this is seen as a big threat, others see a big opportunity and know how to reach the mobile consumer, to offer them a solution to their needs immediately. Retailers have been the most adept at leveraging the change in consumer behavior. Banking has not changed significantly, not because the consumer has not changed, but because banks and credit unions have not changed the way they deliver products and services. The only financial services providers that have adapted well are mono-line providers like credit card companies and brokerages. These companies have adapted rather well to providing consumers with products and services they need, when and where they want them. Real time, on-demand solutions are key. If you know the consumer journey from need/want to delivered solution, you can be in the right place to connect with them and show them what you can do to help them. More often that means you must be mobile-optimized – from your emails, offers and landing pages to your online applications and call center. Yes, your call center has to be ready to take over where your website leaves off and close the deal. More and more competitors can get the job done without a branch visit. Why not you? This is the high tech, high touch opportunity that many of you dreamed about two decades ago. For more insight into Jim’s view of Mobimarticity, contact Jim at jcraig at geezeo dot com. You can do that on your smartphone, to really impress him.

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