Mobilearth and Geezeo Partnership Integrates Remote Branch Technology with PFM

September 1, 2015

Burnaby, BC Canada – September 1, 2015 – Omni-channel, mobile banking provider Mobilearth has partnered with personal finance management (PFM) provider Geezeo to offer PFM as an engagement platform for credit union members. Integrated with Mobilearth’s remote MobiBranch technology, Geezeo’s PFM will help further empower digital users, allowing them more control with a holistic view of their assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals, and budgets -- which increases MobiBranch customers’ options within their virtually unlimited reach. The partnership works with Mobilearth utilizing Geezeo’s API to call in the features and functions of its product to Mobilearth’s Online/Mobile Banking and MobiBranch products. With this integration, credit unions and their employees can access the Geezeo PFM product for a powerful, remote experience. As a result, the technology integration leverages each organization’s expertise to create integrated offerings that empower financial institutions to better compete in the marketplace. "Both MobiBranch and Geezeo have a common desire to provide credit unions with innovative online financial tools that meet the growing needs of credit union members as it pertains to the financial health of member households," says Steve Nigri, Vice President Sales Geezeo. "Credit unions must look for additional ways to leverage online banking and digital marketing to have an impact that supports member services and credit union growth. This can be done by leveraging web based, data driven marketing platforms available through Geezeo solutions." “We believe this partnership makes perfect sense, bringing what has traditionally been a consumer facing product to the branch employee. It’s what has been needed for a long time,” states Mobilearth CEO Tia Lee. “Having the power of that information while engaging with new and existing members from a tablet is very powerful. Our companies have talked about the traditional interface to OLB/Mobile -- which is a no brainer for sure. Providing the power of MobiBranch with Geezeo’s PFM technology, now that’s a great offering.” About Geezeo Geezeo partners with an estimated 400 credit unions and banks to deliver an integrated suite of online financial management tools and services including its proven Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution. The Geezeo PFM solution is thoughtfully integrated within a financial institution’s online banking platform, giving users a holistic view of financial assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals, and budgets. Geezeo’s included Engagement Banking platform offers relevant, data-driven content that helps financial institutions develop online customer dialog while generating growth through acquisition and increased wallet share. For more information on the privately held company, About Mobilearth Mobilearth was founded with the purpose of granting customers and staff unparalleled freedom and mobility. We aim to provide financial institutions with the most powerful, feature packed software possible. We do not simply provide an app but a full range of products designed to meet your customer needs on any platform.Incorporated in 2005, Mobilearth provides an omni-channel mobile banking experience for financial institution members and customers. MobiBranch is the newest product for the omni-channel mobile banking experience, designed for financial institutions to expand branch reach.  For more info, visit:

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