Geezeo Launches New Mobile PFM Application With Rapid Tagger

May 16, 2014

Geezeo, a company that helps hundreds of banks and credit unions better engage customers through digital channels, has introduced a completely redesigned Geezeo mobile PFM app built on HTML5. Featuring a fresh approach and improved functionality, the new app delivers PFM content and features that are just a swipe away. The new design is one of the simplest and most powerful white-label Personal Financial Management (PFM) experiences optimized for iPhone, Android or a modern mobile browser. Most other PFM applications are currently being offered as a 3rd party application, requiring separate login access. The Geezeo Mobile PFM application was developed to integrate with a financial institutions existing mobile banking solution. Key features and functionality includes: Cash Flow Calendar Budgeted Spending Targets Savings Goals Net Worth Tracker Custom Alerts Account Aggregation Transaction Tagging/Categorization “Just like online banking, we strongly believe that PFM needs to be integrated into the existing mobile banking platform,” said Shawn Ward, Geezeo CEO. “This was a great project for us and our mobile application was built entirely using our PFM Product API. We offer clients flexibility because we can handle the product build or a client can roll their own,” he added. The first Geezeo client to introduce the application was Central Bancompany. The Missouri headquartered bank holding company wanted a robust app that brings all online functionality to a native, mobile environment. More and more financial institutions recognize that mobile apps should not be narrow focused, slimed down versions of their web counterparts. "It's very important to integrate everything," stated Matt Tollerton, who heads e-commerce at Central Bancompany. "You don't want a downloadable app for mobile RDC [remote deposit capture], PFM, or mobile wallet. …You want to come to one place to get all of your financial needs met." Along with the Geezeo Mobile PFM release, comes Rapid Tagger, adding an element of gamification to personal finance management. A simple tap and swipe experience makes tagging transactions quick, easy and fun. Reducing the chore of managing money encourages healthy financial habits, and higher product adoption.

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