Geezeo and Zenmonics Blend Personal Financial Management with Cross-Channel Convenience

May 16, 2016

Zenmonics today announced a partnership with Geezeo, a financial technology firm offering an industry leading Personal Financial Management (PFM) platform. The joint venture will seamlessly blend increasingly popular finance management features with the cross-channel agility of Zenmonics’ channelUNITED™ platform. Geezeo’s PFM features enable customers to better manage their financial well-being via budgeting, spending analysis, cash flow management and enhanced transaction and payee categorization. This PFM integration approach will occur via the same effortless interactivity Zenmonics already offers across online, tablet and phone applications. Financial institutions struggle with differentiation and enhancing their value propositions, which is critically important as new players enter the financial services market. Ultimately, the Zenmonics-Geezeo integration leads to FIs providing their customers with a more engaging and relevant banking experience, while providing a level of service and capability increasingly sought by consumers. When deployed by banks using Zenmonics’ digitalBANKING, mobileBANKER and Kiosk solutions, Geezeo’s functionality will facilitate trust between customers and banks. For financial institutions, the partnership represents an opportunity to engage customers with cross-channel, self-service solutions in addition to strengthening the bank-customer relationship. “We are dissolving legacy PFM barriers of moving PFM to a separate tab in an application,” said Tracey Dunlap, Director of Digital Channels at Zenmonics. “Geezeo gives us the ability to bring PFM content throughout the application to provide a more natural financial relationship to the user. Geezeo has made this possible.” “Our partnership with Zenmonics provides their customers with a genuine omni-channel experience with industry-leading functionality,” said Shawn Ward, CEO of Geezeo. “It’s our mission to help financial institutions bring innovation to life and we’re excited by Zenmonic’s vision of the future of banking and need for enhanced engagement in all channels.” About Zenmonics Zenmonics is a global technology services and product company serving the banking and financial technology market since 2007. Headquartered in the financial hub of Charlotte, N.C., their passionate staff specializes in solutions that transform the engagement between banks and their customers. The channelUNITED™ platform serves both bank associates and bank customers across the digital enterprise, to deliver lower operational costs, increase customer share, and reduce technical debt. For more information, please visit About Geezeo Geezeo is a financial technology firm that enhances the digital banking experience via its white label consumer and business digital financial management solutions. More than 400 financial institutions leverage Geezeo’s integrated suite of online financial management tools. Geezeo platform solutions are thoughtfully integrated within a financial institution’s online banking platform, empowering consumers and businesses to gain more financial control, better manage daily and long-term finances and reduce overall banking friction. To help financial institutions drive the digital shift, Geezeo incorporates the Engagement Banking Marketing Platform which provides relevant, data-driven content facilitating interaction between the FI and the online user. Geezeo further supports this via the comprehensive services of their digital marketing arm, Geezeo Interactive. For more information on the privately held company, visit

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