Another Campaign Ends. Another Campaign Starts.

December 9, 2014

We're big believers that a supplier should do everything in it's power to support it's clients. That's one of the reasons we offer our free PFM marketing campaigns each quarter. Our 4th quarter campaign just came to an end and the results have been excellent. To recap: 43 financial institutions participated in the Fall 2014 Campaign An estimated 5,000 customers entered the sweepstakes that awarded two digital SLR camera prize packages valued over $900 each Participating clients increased the number of PFM users by an average of 10.50% The percentage of PFM users who have aggregated an account increased nearly 9% We are close to releasing the creative for our next campaign, slated as the "No More Excuses" campaign. As consumers, we all make excuses for not setting financial goals. And as retail bankers, we all make excuses for why we struggle with breaking the commodity trap. Being a genuine financial advocate takes hard work, so we're doing our part to reduce some of that friction. Watch for more details coming soon. We're providing artwork for free, to any FI in the continental US. This message can work for PFM clients or any FI that really wants to partner with consumers to help them gain more financial control and well-being.

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