A New Bike To Celebrate A Great Relationship

April 29, 2014

Regions Bank, Geezeo's largest client with over $140 billion in assets, surely is a savvy marketeer. Based in the South, for several years the regional bank has featured it's bike and bike brigade. Those of you in Region's markets have likely seen the bikes in TV spots and print ads, which launched as part of the Regions "Expect More" positioning, begun in 2007. So what does the bike mean? We did a little research and this is what we discovered: 1) The bikes represent stability. 2) With these bikes, you're in control. 3) These bikes are comfortable. 4) Simplicity is at the heart of these bikes. Stability, control, comfort, simplicity; all great attributes of a bank brand. Here's some of our Connecticut HQ staff, getting ready for a ride around the office, Thanks Regions, for recognizing our efforts and being a great partner.

Topics: Banking

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