Why I Added PFM To My Sales and Marketing Toolkit

September 5, 2014
Jim Craig

Four years ago I had the opportunity to become one of Geezeo’s first clients and I jumped at the chance. I should add, however, that I did so with a lot of research and internal conversations behind the decision. I had been tracking the development of PFM as an engagement tool and felt it had promise, but it was the ability to access new data on my customers that brought me to Geezeo.

Now part of the team at Geezeo, that customer data and the PFM-driven insights it enables is what I spend a majority of my time on. PFM certainly creates greater engagement with your online customers. However, taking advantage of that engagement with the PFM data and marketing platform is the key to getting a return from an investment in PFM.

Consider the opportunities presented if you:

• Knew the types of accounts your customers hold elsewhere.
• Knew the financial goals your customers have.
• You could present targeted offers in the PFM when customers are highly engaged.
• You could export data to enable targeted engagement in other channels (your call center for example).

These are just a few of the examples of how our clients are leveraging the PFM data to more accurately market to their customers. Are you engaging your customers this way?

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