The Financial Chronicles: Home Ownership

April 20, 2017

More than 60% of Americans own a home today. Before going through the buying process, most people estimate their monthly mortgage cost, taxes and utility bills, but many people may not be prepared for the unexpected expenses of home ownership. From property taxes and utilities to maintenance and emergencies, the costs of owning a home includes many factors. Homeowners need a simple, helpful way to plan for and handle unexpected expenses.


Make your customer's financial life a little bit easier

Geezeo's personal financial management platform gives homeowners (or hopeful homebuyers) simple and easy-to-use tools to manage finances. Our cash flow calendar helps consumers track their available funds in order to be prepared to pay bills on time. Customers can also create savings goals, like planning a remodel or saving for a new roof.

Once they've set a household budget they can visually track their progress and make reaching their financial goals quick and easy. The Geezeo powered platform allows customers to pull in transaction data from multiple accounts, including those at other financial institutions, so if they have a mortgage or home equity line at another FI, they can still manage from within your platform. Geezeo PFM enables your FI to provide a robust financial management experience and more personalized service while opening up a wealth of marketing opportunities.

Data Driven

Our proven platform incorporates the Engagement Banking Marketing Platform, which provides relevant, data-driven content facilitating interaction between financial institutions and their online users. It is proven to increase customer engagement, deepen the FI's understanding of individuals and households, and help banks and credit unions become part of the account holder's financial journey.


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