Step Inside Geezeo’s Amazon Web Services Experience

October 17, 2018
Amy Hibbard

A decade ago, Geezeo launched as a SaaS company providing digital financial management solutions to US community banks, regional banks, and credit unions. Since the beginning, Geezeo built its technology infrastructure leveraging Amazon Web Services, which has allowed us to scale quickly and seamlessly.

“We elected cloud computing with AWS because it provided a relatively easy way to develop and build our services,” said James Elwood, Geezeo CTO. “Partnering with AWS offered us simplicity in accessing servers, building storage and databases, and establishing a broad set of application services over the Internet. Since Geezeo was an early adopter of AWS in the financial services space the key to success was keeping up with scale and making sure data was secure.”

Geezeo has seen AWS evolve greatly during the 10 years that we have used them for hosting. The original intent was to offload the risk and effort involved with managing a data center while still being able to remain flexible in the service mixes, technologies, and architectures we were choosing (Apache or Nginx, Primary-Primary or Primary-Secondary replication, etc). Today, we find ourselves still pursuing that original vision but have expanded into their other services, such as DynamoDB and Lambda, because they do it better than we could and it is often cost-effective.

James recently had the opportunity to speak with AWS on their video series, “This Is My Architecture.” This was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up! Companies like Airbnb, Netflix, and Expedia have been featured on “This Is My Architecture” discussing how they utilize the cloud in innovative ways to improve their application’s performance. We are honored to be able to share our experience as an early adopter of AWS in the financial services space.



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