Shop & Save, Right At Your Fingertips

December 19, 2016
Amy Hibbard

We’re busier than ever...and this time of year the pace reaches epic levels. I’m a busy career mom, PTA volunteer and social media manager for my son’s year-round swim team. Downtime is rare, so that leaves very little time for shopping.

Your Smartphone = Your Personal Shopper

I honestly don’t want to step foot in a store because the stress of holiday crowds, traffic and the frantic pace of shoppers is just too much. I’m doing more of my shopping online, and my phone has become my personal shopper.

I use my smartphone to find deals, compare prices, and make purchases once I’m ready to pull the trigger. I’ve actually stood in the store aisle, found a better deal online, and made the purchase faster than I could have gotten through the checkout line.

Booming Digital Sales

I’m not alone in this trend. In 2014, mobile commerce grew by 47%, and according to Gartner, revenue from mobile commerce will equal 50% of all digital commerce in the United States by 2017. According to PWC’s 2016 Holiday Outlook Report, retailers are anticipating an almost 25% increase in annual digital sales, and the majority of retailers (68%) are boosting their investment in digital channels.

Less Stress With Easy Apps

Simplifying my shopping routine translates to a better financial picture. Alongside my favorite shopping apps on screen are my financial apps to give me a stronger sense of shopping and financial empowerment. While I shop, I’m quickly able to make sure I’m not over spending, and keeping a close eye on my financial situation also helps me control impulse shopping.

Ease and convenience go a long way, and mobile shopping and financial apps, when well executed, really reduce friction. I’m no fintech guru, but I’m willing to bet that in 2017, we’re going to see a lot more convergence between the two. I’m all for less stress and a stronger financial picture.

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