Recipe for Success: 6 Simple Ingredients to Higher Engagement With PFM

October 28, 2016
Trae Turner

Strong engagement with your target audience doesn't have to be complicated, and you don't need a big marketing team or budget to get amazing results. For great results, create a simple plan of action like the one below followed by our recent PFM Marketing Campaign contest winner.

This Client Is On The Ball

During Geezeo's July and August "Beat the Heat" PFM campaign and contest, Ball State Federal Credit Union of Muncie, Indiana ranked highest in results among all clients who participated. BSFCU ramped up engagement with its MYNE personal financial management tool, by increasing its total number of cash flow calendar users by a whopping 102% and its total number of cash flow users by 165%. Boom!

Chrissy Stefani is marketing director for Ball State, and she recently shared the simple steps that led to their great results.

Winner, Winner, BBQ Dinner!

During the summer campaign, Geezeo offered a prize to the FI with the best campaign results -- a free catered picnic. Ball State was the winner! They decided to host their event for staff at their branch in conjunction with Ball State University's Homecoming Weekend. Their picnic on Friday afternoon kicked off the community weekend festivities and was catered by local favorite, Bird's Smokehouse BBQ.

Although Chrissy is a "marketing department of one," she says there really was no big secret to her success.

#1 - Engage with emails.

Chrissy sent out two emails, an "announcement" and a "follow up" email segmented to her members by those who were not yet signed up for MYNE, and those who were signed up but had not used PFM recently. She plans to add a third engagement email during the next campaign because she saw that the biggest number of click-throughs to her campaign landing page, came from these emails.

#2 - Share the message with digital ads.

Digital campaign ads were posted within BSFCU's internal MYNE dashboard, on the main website's home page and on the MYNE campaign landing page. This holistic approach meant that the summer campaign branding and message to "Take a vacation from stress" was being reinforced in a consistent way across all channels. The messaging (and product) also reinforces BSFCU's position as an advocate to its community.

#3 - Get social.

Chrissy used the social media posts and schedule provided with the free client campaign materials. They assure consistent, weekly social posts on Facebook and Twitter. These can even be created and scheduled in advance to post automatically with really simple social tools like Sprout, Hootsuite, etc. She also used the recommended tracking link from, the link-management platform that shortens URLs in social posts and allows you to track the clicks.

She also experimented a sponsored post on Facebook for the first time and was happy with the results and affordability - a spend of only $10 gave great results to all age groups she was targeting. She also shared the campaign video, and plans to use more video in the future. We enthusiastically encourage this!

#4 Share with staff.

BSFCU's staff members were briefed about the details of the campaign and contest, and also reviewed the MYNE tools to make sure they were familiar enough to answer member questions and encourage engagement. Maybe they were motivated by the chance for free BBQ!

#5 Make an in-branch impression.

Ball State branches were outfitted with campaign images on contest posters, a backlit sign and the lobby-tracker system monitor for more message reinforcement and MYNE campaign positioning.

#6 Snail mail still matters.

Chrissy included traditional print materials in her marketing mix. This is simple to do with campaign messaging on statement stuffers, so all account holders have a chance to see the campaign details and enter the contest.

Set your plan & stick to it.

According to Chrissy, creating a simple plan like this one and sticking to it, was the big "non-secret" to her excellent summer marketing campaign results. BSFCU's story is proof that it doesn't take big bucks or a big team to get great results from your next marketing campaign.

If you need help setting up a plan for your next campaign, contact me at

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