One-to-One with Geezeo: Tracey Dunlap, Director Digital Products/User Experience, Zenmonics, Inc.

July 7, 2017
One-to-One with Geezeo

When you have the opportunity to ask some of the most interesting people in financial services and Fintech about where the industry is headed, sometimes the most fascinating insights are revealed. One-to-One with Geezeo is an ongoing series that gives our friends, clients, and partners an opportunity to share their experiences and their knowledge to gain an idea of where this exciting industry is heading.

Geezeo: How is fintech redefining the digital user experience?
Tracey: It is all about the user experience. Customers live in real time and they don’t think in channels. Fintech solutions are the same and create simple solutions to their problems or needs. They focus on the customer and provide what they want. Banks are trying to keep up. You see this with the purchase of design firms and creating design ambassadors. Focus has changed and it is finally on the customer.

Geezeo: Traditionally, banking and personal finance apps have left a lot to be desired in terms of user experience: what are your top tips on building a friendly fintech user experience?
Tracey: Collaboration between the traditional banking features and the advisory ability of the personal finance applications needs to be stronger. No more separate panels to showcase spending, make it part of the consumer’s transaction history, a part of their financial story. Let them see in one place what they are spending, how they are spending and how they can be better or earn more, without making them click on another panel or worse launch a completely different application. Single sign on torture. Create that simple digital experience across any interaction point, even the bank assisted channels. Digital isn’t just the consumer and often the banker is left out of the financial management process. Let them be a part.

Geezeo: What design elements are the key components of a great user experience?
Tracey: Design isn’t easy and finding the right balance between design and user experience can be like nailing jelly to a wall. We try and focus on the elements that create personal and clean experiences here at Zenmonics. Attention spans continue to drop so cutting the clutter and effective use of space is imperative. Direction is another a key element for us because so much of what we create is still form entry in financial services. We keep focus on the core design elements and work in trends where they make sense, except for auto play video. Can we kill this one please? I have worked with amazing designers over the years and my stars are counted here at Zenmonics. This team has been built with designers that are also user experience professionals, understanding the complete process.

Geezeo: What have you found has been the best approach to improving digital user experience in the fintech world?
Tracey: The one thing I am usually impressed with on the Fintech side is the simplicity of the experiences. They are focused on a goal and they deliver. They are continuing to improve the digital user experience. The work is translating that into the banking world. Between the banking regulations and all the seats at the table, a simple workflow can turn into a 20 page, over engineered step that the customer will abandon. Quick and easy. We try and mesh the fintech thinking into our banking implementations and always encourage our clients to stay focused on the customer goal. There are new ways to introduce requirements. Stop letting technology drive the customer experience.

Geezeo: As a Bravo-holic, what show can you currently not get enough of?
Tracey: Andy Cohen fascinates me. What he has done with the housewife franchise and all of these reality shows, blows my mind. My current favorite is Southern Charm. I love a southern accent and I love Patricia. I want a butler to bring me my martini every day.

Tracey Dunlap is a "digital experience evangelist" with a bit of an edge and a strong passion for the end user experience. 25 years in financial technology has provided her with an acute perspective of the many intrigues that work behind the scenes when a customer purchases a financial product or uses an institutions services. She directs the company's customer facing digital products and overall enterprise user experience. She holds several certifications in usability and user interaction and has worked with leading global financial institutions to improve and increase digital adoption rates and overall customer satisfaction. When she is not designing and developing digital channel experiences, Tracey enjoys winter snowmobiling in the Adirondacks and summers on the Chesapeake Bay. She is at her fanatical best, however, on any given Sunday in the fall, where she can be found clad in purple and black and rooting for her Baltimore Ravens.

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