Getting the Most Out of Your PFM with AI and IoT – Or Vice Versa

January 14, 2019
Gregg Early

Digital Solutions to Maximize Marketing

The beginning of a new year generally brings reflection on what has passed and anticipation for what’s to come.

That kind of commentary cheapens the power of what is an enduring and ineluctable transition in the financial industry – adoption of digital solutions that actually empower customers to engage in a new, deeper relationship with their financial institutions.

While local banks and credit unions are well versed in caring for their members and customers, it has been a challenge to keep up with the fintech tsunami that has descended upon the financial industry.

Rather than getting overwhelmed with all the options, it’s better to keep it simple. And by that I mean, look to the solutions you already provide and leverage their abilities to maximize and enrich both your marketing and customer experiences.

Power of PFM

For example, there is power inside your PFM that is likely going untapped. And that power is growing, quickly.

“The past 6 months has been a very exciting time for us,” notes Aaron Junod, Vice-President of Product Development at Geezeo. “We’re close to launching a new mobile platform and new optional voice AI features.”

“Now that the groundwork has been laid regarding natural language AI, we don’t have to worry about building out that piece. We can stick to what we do best and integrate our enriched experiences for our clients and their customers using UIs, across any channel.”

But voice is only one new way that smart systems are changing the face of banking. Rolling out a new mobile platform that is also available for desktops is another way to transition from basic e-banking and PFM solutions.

Building out a “digital first” platform for both desktop and mobile use also allows FIs to give customers a more intuitive experience and allows marketing teams to gain insights into next best product offerings by getting real-time data on how their customers are using the information provided.

Myths & Realities of the Internet of Things and Banking

To find out more about what’s happening on this level, join us for a webinar on January 16, from 2-3 pm EST featuring developers, fintech journalists, AI and IoT specialists, and others to discuss the hope and hype of some of the most interesting trends in fintech.

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