The Financial Chronicles: Tax Season

March 31, 2017

Tax time can be stressful for many people. The filing process itself can be confusing and taxing (no pun intended) and the knowledge that being better prepared the year before, might mean facing a smaller tax hit this year. On the flip side, many Americans are eager to get their taxes done each year in order to get a refund. Whatever the case maybe, getting organized and filing a return can be a chore. Even just pulling together the information to get started can be overwhelming.




Make your customer's financial life a little bit easier

Geezeo PFM makes things a lot easier on account holders by allowing them to track, tag, and categorize expenses, which can be exported or shared come tax time. The Geezeo platform allows customers to pull in transaction data from multiple accounts, including those at other financial institutions. Because all the data is collected in one spot, the software can then single out, for example, charitable donations and other transactions that need to be documented before filing taxes.

Data Driven

Our proven platform incorporates the Engagement Banking Marketing Platform which provides relevant, data-driven content facilitating interaction between financial institutions and their online users. It is proven to increase customer engagement, deepen the FIs understanding of individuals and households, and help banks and credit unions become part of the account holders financial journey.

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