The Financial Chronicles: Car Ownership

May 10, 2017

Millions of Americans have vehicles. Even with all the public transportation options and car sharing services out there, owning a vehicle is still a necessity for most people. And, with vehicle ownership comes a lot of financial responsibilities people don't always consider when they start thinking about getting that new set of wheels. Everything from auto financing to gas and maintenance costs need to be factored in when buying a new or used car.


Make your customer's financial life a little bit easier

Geezeo's personal financial management platform gives vehicle owners and shoppers simple and easy-to-use tools to manage their finances. Our cash flow calendar helps consumers track their available funds in order to be prepared to pay bills on time. If customers are not quite ready to buy, they can create a savings goal inside the PFM and track their money as they save for the big purchase.

Once they've created a budget they can visually track progress which makes reaching financial goals quicker and easier. The Geezeo powered platform allows customers to pull in transaction data from multiple accounts, including those at other financial institutions, so if they have an auto loan at another FI, they can still track it within your platform. Geezeo PFM enables your FI to provide a robust financial management experience and more personalized service while opening up a wealth of marketing opportunities. For example, If an account holder syncs an auto loan somewhere else, this gives your FI an opportunity to target that customer with better offers. PFM offers powerful data so you can cross-sell product online while building a position of advocacy.

Data Driven

The proven Geezeo platform incorporates the Engagement Banking Marketing Platform, offering relevant, data-driven content facilitating interaction between financial institutions and online users. It's proven to increase customer engagement, deepen the FI's understanding of individuals and households, and help banks and credit unions become part of the account holder's financial journey.


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