Engage Customers Based on Their Financial Goals (Part 2)

February 21, 2017
Hayley Haspeslagh

Every year, consumers create financial goals that will shape how they manage their finances in the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately, many will veer off the path to success. Your bank or credit union is in the unique position to help your customers navigate life’s financial journey and stay on track and Geezeo’s platform can help!

Between helping clients leverage our free campaigns and assisting our clients in increasing overall engagement and ROI for the platform, we get a sizeable number of requests saying “We hear you talking about the data, but how do we use it?” Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting the different types of PFM users you can target, based on their financial goals. This week we’re focusing on your PFM customers who aren’t managing any short-term goals.

Customers who haven’t identified any short-term goals

PFM data also allows your institution to identify customers who have not created a short-term savings goal such as creating or sustaining an emergency fund. Combine this with account balance data, and your bank or credit union can work to ensure all your customers are financially prepared in case of emergency. found that 63% of Americans would have to resort to using credit cards, borrowing from friends or family or cutting spending from other areas in order to cover an emergency expense of more than $500.

These small but priceless data points enable you to get to know your customer, deepen your relationships through engagement, and proactively cross sell to these customers across your digital banking platforms.

Are you a Geezeo client? Request step-by-step instructions on how you can access and leverage your customers goal data through our Client Success team.

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