Creating a Seamless & Engaging PFM Experience

June 27, 2016
Hayley Haspeslagh

One of my favorite things about my job at Geezeo is helping our clients realize the power they hold through PFM to create a custom digital experience that not only helps engage and empower the consumer but positions the institution to become the advocate for each and every one of their members. Let’s explore how you can accomplish this through these four steps:

Select the Right Experience

Creating a seamless and engaging PFM experience starts with selecting the right type of experience for your institution - simple, right? The real answer is not always. PFM integrations are moving towards the complete integration of features within your online banking. Our SSO tab is a fantastic, out of the box product our clients can take advantage of and get the back end data to mine & leverage. Yet, more and more institutions are moving toward taking advantage of our widgets, SDKs and our API to build custom integrations that reduce friction and harmoniously fit with their institutions digital experience.

To find out more about these additional integration options, read about our platform.

Onboarding & Nurturing

The key from the start is treating PFM as part of our entire digital experience. A product landing page can go a long way to giving your consumers a place to not only find more product-specific information but to reduce friction and provide essential financial literacy advice. Secondly, we recommend you not only welcome new users to the product but you continuously connect with your active users by providing them with monthly power tips and how PFM can assist them in the long-term while driving inactive users back into the platform. Check out how Geezeo clients found success with Engagement Emails in the infographic below.

Financial Education

Unfortunately, not all consumers are tech savvy, or even money savvy. It’s our job to present them will the tools they need to be successful with their finances for the rest of their lives. Not only does PFM give you data on where your consumer is on their financial journey it also gives you a great outlet to connect with each consumer individually.

Do you have a financial literacy program for Millennials who are paying down student debt? Do you want to target those users who are living paycheck to paycheck and show them how they can make the most of their money using a comprehensive budget and proactively managing their cash flow? Do you have users close to retirement who need to know what they’ll be able to afford in 10 or 15 years? PFM gives you the tools you need to advocate for each of these consumers and get them to the next step in their. Real life consumer stories, like in this video from Regions Bank, are extremely relatable and give consumers a look into the lives of their peers. How-to or tutorial videos will also give the consumer a better understanding of the specific features that meet their individual financial needs.

Targeted Campaigns

Last but certainly not least, take advantage of the data PFM offers you to create targeted, high visibility campaigns across all mediums and not just within PFM. It may seem obvious but the more often you connect with your consumer, the more likely they are to come straight to your institution for their financial product and service needs. Marketing on your homepage, your online banking and PFM landing pages and within the PFM dashboard give you the most exposure. You can up the ante with social media marketing and increasing your in-branch initiatives as well. Don’t have the bandwidth to organize your own PFM marketing campaign? Try one of ours! Geezeo presents a new campaign each quarter - see the upcoming campaign here.

By coupling the right integration with the right long-term marketing solutions, your PFM integration is poised for success. It could even be as simple as finding techniques to complement many of the projects your institution is already working on such as growing your base (create a referral program through PFM), providing financial literacy workshops (add PFM to the program) or increasing loan business (targeting PFM customers with the goal to save for a car, home or even wedding). Find a middle ground and run with it - or we’ll work with you to integrate PFM into your day to day marketing, just ask for advice!

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