Building An Internet of Things In Retail Banking

December 26, 2018
Amy Hibbard

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that describes a totally interconnected world. Some vehicles, kitchen appliances, and even heart monitors are now connected through the IoT. And as the Internet of Things continually grows, more devices will join that list. Ultimately IoT is able to help people in a number of ways by saving time and simplifying daily activities. One of the industries that will be benefiting from IoT the most is the banking industry.

Embracing the Future

Today consumers want more convenience in banking and IoT has the ability to give them that convenience through mobile apps and voice banking options. The financial institutions also benefit from IoT through the data generated about their credit, their spending habits, and their other financial accounts. FIs can also use data gathered through IoT to find ways to decrease expenses, increase efficiency, and improve risk management.

As far as financial services are concerned, IoT is still very new, but it is expected to grow and have high value for FIs and their customers. Now is the time for financial professionals to determine how to leverage IoTs potential to support delivery of products, services, and engagement.

Myths & Realities of the Internet of Things and Banking Webinar

We are presenting an informative webinar in January to discuss the capabilities and myths surrounding these emerging technologies. Join experts in fintech for a panel discussion on IoT and the opportunity it presents to the financial services industry.

Join Gregg Early, Geezeo’s Strategic Content Director, as he moderates our panel of experts and leads a lively conversation about the myths and realities of IoT in the banking industry

  • Aaron Junod, Vice President, Product Management, Geezeo
  • John Best, Founder, Best Innovation Group (BIG)
  • Tracey Dunlap, Chief Experience Officer, Zenmonics
  • Zack Miller, Founder, Tearsheet

Geezeo is committed to empowering FIs to help their customers reach their financial goals and IoT is an emerging way to do that. We want to help FIs navigate the different ways these new technologies can benefit them and help them find ways to make them work for their organizations.

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