A Simple, Easy & FREE Opportunity for Digital Banking Engagement



Previous campaigns have increased individual FIs PFM adoption by 20% or more.


About The Campaign

Digital financial management is here to stay and your financial institution offers it. Now is a great time to engage your digital banking users with PFM. That engagement is easy with Geezeo's latest no-cost promotional campaign. The "Possibilities Campaign" promotes the highly acclaimed goals feature of PFM and encourages users to add a goal.

Simply download the materials and place the artwork on your website.

Everyone needs to create a financial plan for better outcomes and confidence about the future. Your financial institution can help. Encourage your audience to simplify finances and make a plan for success. Setting financial goals gives them foresight and confidence.

You can take advantage of our free, easy-to-deploy PFM campaign package, but we can also incorporate the benefits of PFM into an affordable custom campaign that promotes the benefits of your FI’s entire digital experience. Contact Trae Turner at for more information on customizing the campaign for your FI.

Steps to success:

1. Download the Materials
2. Prioritize PFM marketing on your website
3. Place artwork within your online banking & PFM
4. Include campaign copy on your product landing page and in emails
5. Promote "Possibilities" on your social platforms
6. Send monthly engagement emails
7. Monitor your progress

Check it Out

Complete the short form below and accept the terms of use to download this free campaign. No qualms if you just want to check it out.

Please contact Trae Turner at with any questions or for more information on customization options.

The Goods

We've provided a collection of professional marketing materials!

Campaign Materials
  • Video
  • Infographic
  • Newsletter & Website Copy
  • Web Graphics
  • PFM Dashboard Ads
  • High Resolution Lobby Graphics
  • Social Media Guide & Graphics
  • Print Materials
  • Email Graphics & Copy

Have Questions?

Absolutley nothing! The campaign is yours to use for FREE!

Certainly! The campaign materials can be customized as necessary to appropriately comply with your needs.

We can. Geezeo provides design services for this campaign. Depending upon the extent of your customization request, there may be a fee involved.

Get the most out of the campaign by engaging with members and customers by sending the emails included in your campaign package. For best results:

  • Embed the campaign video on your website for high engagement.
  • Don't forget to tweet about the campaign to your followers using the video and digital ads. Do a tweet-a-week!
  • Create a simple Facebook campaign with scheduled weekly posts.
  • Make sure to include text about the campaign in your outgoing member newsletters.
  • Place the web ads in a highly visible position on your website's home page and your online banking landing page.
  • Place the PFM ads on your PFM dashboard page, on the transaction feed position and the left-side position.
  • Keep employees engaged with branch posters, digital signage, employee emails/quizzes and take-ones.


Complete the form to begin downloading the campaign.